Step Brothers-ly love

Step Brothers

Ok, so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And it’s rated R or 18 or unrated… for a reason.

It made me laugh though. Eventually. I’m not the biggest Will Ferrell fan, but I do think John C. Reilly is a really good actor. And I thought Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby was really funny. So that’s another film by Adam McKay.

Maybe not something I’d watch again, but it was a good laugh. I thought it was even better when a friend of mine started vividly describing these characters and their behaviour to me – only he was talking about a real friend of his.

It’s probably a must for Will Ferrell fans, it’s his type of comedy. Quite different from Stranger Than Fiction. And by the way, watch the unrated version if you can.