There will be no blood

Absolutely amazing cast, what could possibly go wrong? My high expectations of Nine were crushed.

If you consider this an original piece of art, there’s quite a few things to point out, but I think we’ll have to stop there. If something has been done well, should it not be left alone? One of the writers (it’s a joke really that there should be several writers behind this film), Anthony Minghella, is working on The Lives of Other, which is most likely a remake of a very very good German film by the same name. Can’t you just leave the good films alone. Can’t you come up with your own good ideas? Or at least combine ‘your’ good ideas from several other films, like Quentin Tarantino does. I’m still not convinced musical is a genre that’s actually working. There aren’t many good examples of popular musical films in the last ten to fifteen years or so. Daniel Day Lewis and his bad Italian accent don’t exactly inspire me, Judi Dench has done better, Fergie should stick to what she knows best. Nicole Kidman at least appears to have realised what’s best for her, so we don’t get to see her for more then a minute or so. Penelope Cruz is the only bright star shining here, her performance is as good as it can be. But no one can save Nine. But I can tell you the film is very ironic. Which kind of makes it funny. But not funny enough to actually enjoy it.

Dead calm? No?

Open Water 2

Either it’s Open Water 2 or Adrift or Open Water 2: Adrift. Who cares, we’re in water. Good looking girls, cool boat – sorry, yacht – sea and sunny weather. Who could ask for more. Despite this being more of a German film and shot in Malta, there’s something Dead Calm Australian about this. Or maybe not.

I quite liked this one. I felt the characters were very good and acted well. And the half naked girls on screen aspect’s been left alone as well which is nice for a change. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a bit of skin here. well shot, edited and acted. There’s a thing or two that seem to catch most viewer’s eyes though, and I did think of a thing or two about an hour before the film’s characters figured it out and lots of other viewers seem to feel quite frustrated these issues. There’s a lot of speculation about certain elements in this film that might have turned it into a very uninteresting short film. But then it’s one of those things, you never know. Or the characters are simply very dumb. But hey, it’s not real! Although allegedly based on a true story where nobody survived…

A simple but gripping film that might drive you insane if you’re that type of person.