It’s not like Nightcrawler, it’s Nocturnal Animals

So it’s another big hit with Amy Adams. I guess also another big one for Tom Ford, although I did not like Single Man quite so much as Nocturnal Animals.

Amy Adams in Nocturnal Animals

I may have already said that Arrival was one of the best films of 2016 and this one is not far off either. The Intro is absolutely stunning, unexpected, and visually and every other way amazing.

Once you get your head around the story, you may need adjust the way you are thinking about this movie while still watching. It’s like the movie forces you to watch it in a certain manner. Maybe just to start with the story is a bit confusing, but as soon as it makes sense, it is definitely something different. The pace feels fairly slow occasionally and builds up the story nicely along the way.

Amy Adams is great, but Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Shannon pretty much run the show. Visually the film is really beautiful down to the last detail as you would expect from Tom Ford. At least based on his previous film, and his background, since he is fairly new to directing (and writing movies). Michael Shannon feels a bit over the top, Jake is more or less in a familiar type of role that he has no problems dealing with, and Amy Adams somehow manages to keep it all together. It’s not just the three of them, but the supporting roles are not quite so memorable, although they were all ok.

Somehow even with just one previous movie, you can tell from the looks and the pace of the film, possibly even the type of story and the mood, that this is a Tom Ford movie. yet the movie takes place in a completely different kind of environment.

Watch Nocturnal Animals trailer here:

Arrival takes communication to another level

Different film genres have different clichés attached to them; comedy is hard, old horror films were great. Arrival is science fiction, and science fiction covers so many different things that we avoid similar basic prejudices. But since science fiction always assumes something from the future, it also divides viewers between those who find it believable and those who don’t.


There’s been some great science fiction films lately, like Interstellar. And some find Gravity good too. Ex Machina, Her and the new Mad Max were also definitely worth watching, even if they were completely different type of films.

Denis Villeneuve is a relatively new director but he had definitely shown his strengths in the short span of time making films. The atmosphere and premise of Arrival is stunning, the visuals amazing, and direction of the actors is superb.

Amy Adams steals the show, how ever much Forest Whitaker’s strong persona tries to intervene. Jeremy Renner is great support, and the CGI is convincing enough, for sure.

Arrival is slightly slow, and the structure of the film (for obvious reasons after watching the film) is slightly confusing and might warrant a second viewing even. There seemed to be some minor inconsistencies in the plot, or maybe it’s just me. I’ll definitely put this on my list of films to watch a second time. A feeling like after watching Memento, or Fight Club. Not so much Sixth Sense.

Just like Denis Villeneuve, Amy Adams really is worth mentioning again, as she also starred in the completely different type of masterpiece, The Nocturnal Animals, released almost at the same time with Arrival. Hopefully will add review for The Nocturnal Animals soon to the site as well.

While always trying not to actually say much about the film itself, those of you reading this and who have not heard anything else about the film, just know that this is not one of those science fiction action films. If that’s the kind of entertainment you’re looking for, maybe check out Passengers instead (I have not seen it yet, but if I do, I will let you know my thoughts on it too).

Watch Arrival trailer below: