A Dirty pink shamed flamingo

Ever heard of John Waters? Pink Flamingos? When I start a category for weird and wonderful, Pink Flamingos is there among the first ones.

So I am a bif of a fan. I was pleasantly surprised to find the movie not that lame. Waters has grown up a lot, but there’s still something about John. And the film is set in Baltimore, making it ever more attracting place to visit. Big names are here again, doing a great job not getting embarrassed. I read a review saying something like “if you liked Pink Flamingos, you are likely to find A Dirty Shame lacking”, which I may have to agree with, but I did like both and I am not complaining. I did find Polyester a little bit too mainstream (the first one, haven’t seen the one with John Travolta yet). But I liked Cry Baby as well. John’s touch is something quite unique, child at heart or something. Serial Mom was somewhere there as well. I will review Desperate Living as soon as I get a chance.

A Dirty Shame is all about sex addiction, that much I can say without spoiling it for you. And it is just very very funny comedy. And kind hearted. And a bit naughty. And surely not worth being censored or rated 18 or NC-17. Surely not?