I keep waiting for a good horror movie but they’re really rare. One that I’ve liked in the past was Let the Right One In, haven’t seen the American remake just yet.

Mama is by who’s not really done much before so I suppose this is a good start.

But despite a few good scares, some good acting and occasionally good effects, towards the end the story just doesn’t hold together and slowly drags to a surprisingly weak end. The girls do well though.


I can’t think of another title for the post… Well it kind of says it all. Rec is late, but I’d say its worth the wait. Once again someone has been brave enough to try this silly little genre of meta film… Maybe this all became fashionable again with all the big brothers and other camera shows. Rec is constantly paying homage to other brilliant horror films and especially of its own genre. Not completely unlike George Romero’s Diary of the Dead, Rec is a tight package of suspension, emotions and horror. Step by step we dive deeper and deeper – its hard to think of a more effective modern shocker.Rec

Rec seemed faithfull to the its predecessors, all the way down to camera angles, (I’m not really talking about Blair Witch Project) and there weren’t many surprises along the way – and for once there weren’t awkward pauses either, Rec is relentless. Simple yet effective. Did I mention it’s Spanish? Even better. Should I stop here… Yes. Just a couple of more words. Fair acting as well, although the leading actress Manuela Velasco can be annoying at times. And did I mention the film is pretty simple? It’s not exactly Magnolia 2. But it does what it says on the package. Watch on big screen alone in the dark with volume high.