A bit of Family fun

So what if it’s , , and whoever else – The Family really isn’t worth it. It’s supposed to be funny (I’m assuming) – it’s not really that funny, and I’m not just saying it’s not because it’s a ‘black/dark’ comedy. Try Eating Raoul instead.  It’s easy to see how it was supposed to be very good and funny, but everything is just a little bit off all the time here.

The Family

Natalie Portman week: No G-Strings Attached

I’ve started to think that Ashton Kutcher is probably quite a nice guy, and he can do a bit of acting as well, even if just on a limited scale. Can’t say that I like him though. I think it’s because of his role in the seventees show, or just the way he looks. But I like his films better than I like him, or maybe how he looks. But nevermind, I’m a guy, I can’t be expected to like other guys. I’m just saying I’d rather be watching someone less annoying act in films that are actually watchable. Then again, it’s just my opinion about him, and most people would probably rate all his films fairly low. And yet “That ’70s Show” is such a cool show and he’s almost the only person of the whole cast to be acting in some pretty big films. And then there’s Demi Moore. What’s that all about then… Long story short, I’m starting to tolerate the guy, and No Strings Attached is slightly above average when it comes to these rom com romantic comedy movie thingies. I’t s really no oscar material, but hey, nobody said it would be. It’s just a bit of light entertainment to pass some time, possibly with friends or your girl or boy friend.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is the executive producer of this flick as well, so I guess she may also like Ashton Kutcher, considering the plot which requires them to spend a lot of time what most people would consider fun activities. And for someone who apparently does not want to do nude scenes at all, and even managed to leave some topless scenes from her film Closer on the cutting room floor, she sure seems to like acting some sexy roles.

No Strings Attached is a fairly usual type of American comedy, maybe aimed at slightly older teen agers and young adults and maybe not for the grown ups as such, but it’s still witty at times and not completely silly, although you can’t avoid that with these movies. Ivan Reitman is back with a film that does not reflect that he would’ve grown old, but the film seems fresh enough to be directed by a younger film maker. Although considering the amount of sex I guess you could say Ivan Reitman is a dirty old man. So it’s rated R in the US then. When I say Ivan Reitman is back, I don’t mean he’s really been away, but he did have a short break from directing since his last film, and his films haven’t necessarily been as memorable as  Ghost Busters since 1984. Ok acting from Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman who do most of it anyway. Kevin Kline has a supporting role and he’s supporting it well. The rest don’t really need mentioning I think. So, to sum it up, it was funny enough, it’s making a shitload of money, and I didn’t feel like I’d wasted my time, but I can’t really say I remember anything in particular about it.

Theoretical interest…


Venus was perhaps likely to be one of those films I judged too quickly and wouldn’t bother to watch. Well, luckily it just appeared from nowhere when I had nothing else to watch. I’d blame the marketing. And perhaps the idea can sound somewhat less exciting than some other films. It is, however, a marvellous film. It didn’t do too well at the time in the BIFA awards, but it did have a nomination or few, and even won some. But then again it was up against a nice stack of films – The Last King of Scotland, The Queen and This is England. Written by Hanif Kureishi (My Son the Fanatic) and directed by Roger Michell (Notting Hill), Venus is a gripping and well written little comedy starring Peter O’Toole and Jodie Whittaker.

Peter O’Toole is absolutely brilliant, but then again he has done some acting before. And Jodie Whittaker is like a breath of fresh air. Perfect casting. Regardless of anything, this one made me smile all the way through.

Ben Stiller’s Platoon

Tropic Thunder

I’m not a huge fan of Ben Stiller,  I  don’t think he’s a very reliable director or a versatile actor and find he most of the time looks fairly annoying. Nevertheless he’s usually perfect for the roles he plays. I’m a bigger fan his father, Jerry Stiller really.

I have to say Tropic Thunder is Ben Stiller’s best to date. Action packed and clever comedy. Spoof is the word I suppose. Obviously a spoof of war films. But not quite to the extent that Hot Shots and the likes go. But that’s a good thing; there’s a bit of originality left. Most of all I was amazed to see Tom Cruise‘s face too. I didn’t know he’s in this movie and then he turns up and goes on to deliver probably one of his best on screen performances ever. Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr. and Brandon T. Jackson have decent roles to act as well, while Downey’s one is probably the one most talked about. And he even has an Oscar nomination for the role.

So, this was ok. Almost funny at points. And so it should, it’s a comedy after all.  I just wish Tom Cruise’s part was bigger.

Step Brothers-ly love

Step Brothers

Ok, so it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And it’s rated R or 18 or unrated… for a reason.

It made me laugh though. Eventually. I’m not the biggest Will Ferrell fan, but I do think John C. Reilly is a really good actor. And I thought Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby was really funny. So that’s another film by Adam McKay.

Maybe not something I’d watch again, but it was a good laugh. I thought it was even better when a friend of mine started vividly describing these characters and their behaviour to me – only he was talking about a real friend of his.

It’s probably a must for Will Ferrell fans, it’s his type of comedy. Quite different from Stranger Than Fiction. And by the way, watch the unrated version if you can.

It’s ok.

stranger than fiction

Actually I thought quite early on watching the film that it is simply brilliant. I laughed and smiled all the way through the movie. Will Ferrell is funny. And I’ve learned to like the weird kind of comedy that he always seems to do. And the whole cast is brilliant and all of them big names too! Emma Thompson is marvellous, Queen Latifah not so much but she’s ok I guess. Maggie Gyllenhaal is just perfect for her role. When I saw her in The Dark Knight, I didn’t think much of her really – in fact I didn’t think she’s very pretty or very good actress either. But now I have to take my words back. Dustin Hoffman probably can’t fail to be good, although his character is perhaps somewhat over the top. But so are all characters in this film, they are all just as crazy as Harold.

I liked the cinematography, just plain beautiful, like paintings. Subtle and crisp. Somehow it reminded me of Being John Malcovich. Not just the cinematography, but all of it. And maybe Spike Jonze’s Adaptation too. And also I didn’t realise Marc Forster’s done the new James Bond, Quantum of Solace (which I’m yet to watch). And he’s done Monster’s Ball. And he’s German. Well that last one has nothing to do with anything, but he can make films. I loved Monster’s Ball too, maybe I have to get back to that when I have a chance.

Now this is a feel good movie that should keep you interested.

A Divine Comedy

While fairly mainstream approach (and his first one as such), John Waters’ Polyester is still quite a blast. I did not have the pleasure of the Odorama experience but nevertheless was well entertained. Divine is brilliant as usual. As you may or may not know, John Waters’ films aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, but this one might be one of those to start with, although no doubt the remake of Hairspray, Serial Mom or Cry Baby are even easier. They’re all comedies, they’re all feel-good movies, all a bit weird and have similar statements to support.


Divine is the heart and soul of the film, but of course with the support of the usual kind of Waters’ cast.Waters is never scared to raise any topics so you can count on some colorful events here. Set in Baltimore as usual, we get a glimpse of nice American culture here.

If you’ve heard the hit song Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches, you’ve heard a couple of bits of Polyester, probably more than once. Check out Dreamland for more info on Waters and his films.

And get your hands on an Odorama scratch card from Ebay before watching this film!