If this is the last thing you see…

Well it isn’t if you are reading this… Maybe you shouldn’t


Here we go again, I think half the time they’re trying to make people sick in the theatres with the shaky camera. No, wait, I’m not complaining, I liked this. A lot. It really works very well, and for this type of film, the characters are pretty good too. And thank God there aren’t any big names there either. Not that I know of anyway. Exciting marketing, boring posters. The whole secrecy thing was interesting. I didn’t know anything at all when I went to see this one, I don’t think I’d even really seen the poster. That’s the best way to see a film I think. So you should stop reading and go and watch this now. But as usual, I’m not really going to tell much of the film. Well acted, good cast, I like the genre as well and I think it was well done, which can’t be said of most similar attempts lately. Scary? Yes, I guess. I’m not surre I’d watch it again. And cinema always beats dvd (or blu-ray which I don’t have). I wonder if there’ll be a sequel?

The end of the dead????

If this is as good as it gets, then maybe its time for George to find a nice cosy (zombi) island where to retire. I had high hopes of Diary of the Dead.

Diary of the Dead

Or is it just me? Go and have a look and see what you think. Oh wait – This is how interesting I found the film: I’m writing this about a year after I watched it in the cinema – for you its same as me reviewing a straight to DVD release. I’m not sure its good enough to even rent. All Romero fans, stop reading and just go and watch it. You might even like it. I’m just saying its nowhere near as good as Day of the Dead or Dawn of the Dead. or obviously Night of the Living Dead. Or the new versions of Dawn of the Dead or Night of the Living Dead. This one is mostly annoying and misses almost all chances of being properly scary, funny or otherwise good. There is a second or two that are very very funny, but it’s not really enough to carry the whole film.

The joke’s on the Bat

I Shouldn’t even start writing anything. I won’t have anything new to say nor will I have anything really valuable to say. But I suppose I can add to the vast group of people who have this (or that) opinion of the latest batventure.


It’s quite depressing how even the poster art was such a part of marketing, that I didn’t see the point of looking for an especially wicked poster for this post… But at least you can see the main star on this one.

Yes, here’s another batfan who thinks the joker stole the show. That goes with the territory I guess, that’s what jokers do. And he’s so funny too, I could almost cry. I watched this in the Imax and it was worth it. Sound super, picture super. Heath super. The bat-dude was a bit stiff I’d say. And I’m sure I’m not alone when I ask what’s with the voice?! The bat suit is a bit too tight or what? Need I say more? I know maybe I’m saying more than I usually say about a film, but surely you’ve seen this already? And why are you reading this then? If you haven’t seen it, again I ask, why are you reading this? I want to see the next Batman. Or maybe they should start doing a series of Joker… Oh wait, Heath is dead… Long live batman…. Now I really feel bad.


I can’t think of another title for the post… Well it kind of says it all. Rec is late, but I’d say its worth the wait. Once again someone has been brave enough to try this silly little genre of meta film… Maybe this all became fashionable again with all the big brothers and other camera shows. Rec is constantly paying homage to other brilliant horror films and especially of its own genre. Not completely unlike George Romero’s Diary of the Dead, Rec is a tight package of suspension, emotions and horror. Step by step we dive deeper and deeper – its hard to think of a more effective modern shocker.Rec

Rec seemed faithfull to the its predecessors, all the way down to camera angles, (I’m not really talking about Blair Witch Project) and there weren’t many surprises along the way – and for once there weren’t awkward pauses either, Rec is relentless. Simple yet effective. Did I mention it’s Spanish? Even better. Should I stop here… Yes. Just a couple of more words. Fair acting as well, although the leading actress Manuela Velasco can be annoying at times. And did I mention the film is pretty simple? It’s not exactly Magnolia 2. But it does what it says on the package. Watch on big screen alone in the dark with volume high.