catch a swan

Not nearly as funny as Shaun of the Dead, not entiry convincing, but one clever piece of entertaining comedy action flick! And nicely edited, Chris!

It may have the feel of a little town all over it, but then it does take place in a small village… There are some brilliant moments here, even if it is bleedingly obvious we’re not in Hollywood.

Something about this reminds me of Kenny Everett’s Bloodbath at the house of Death (which I have to find, because I really want to see it again). I might want to see Ru, Fat Boy, Run now. Although I do have the feeling these guys are going steady down hill after Shaun. At least it must’ve been fun doing the fuzz. It certainly is fun watchin’ it! Hot Fuzz

The makers of this film have seen a film or two, so perhaps there’s a couple things to spot for all sorts of film buffs… 😉 So hardly deep or even genius, but possibly enough for you to have a glued smile on your face for a couple of minutes after the credits have finished. That’s a positive review, just to make myself clear.

Hit me baby one more time….

After a long and frustrating day at the office (well you really can’t say office when you’ve worked outdoors can you? unless you consider nature your office…but thats another story – so, on to the theatre). I was on my way to kick back and clear my messed up head with Rush Hour 3. But along came a friend and converted me to this film. I really didn’t know anything about this one so I had no pre-assumptions. And maybe that’s why it saved my day, more than Rush Hour could ever have done, I bet.
It’s about girls, boys and babies. Oh and don’t forget tits and drugs! If you are the least bit allergic to lazy pot-heads, sleazy male humour or human relationships going up and down… go see… umm.. I dunno… maybe Over the Hedge? In the end this really isn’t anything more than a boy meets a girl drama/comedy but all in all I liked this one for it’s entertainment values, I laughed out loud many times.

Knocked up

All the sleaziness and the other stuff was done in good humour and each and everyone got their share of laughs – so, (to make this review connect to movie history) I’ll say it has the qualities that made Chaplin movies great: You’re sometimes not quite sure whether to laugh or cry and when you laugh you(mainly) are not laughing at them but with them (and plz don’t crucify me for comparing it to Chaplin – because I really am not!). And beneath all the ganja smoke this movie maybe even tries to say something?