I was going through some images from 300 and came across a Manowar poster… There are similarities surely.

I am a Frank Miller fan. I have missed a fair bit of comics, cartoons and so on, but whenever I come across his name in graphic novels, I become interested. Sin City is brilliant, simply brilliant. Was not too impressed with the movie, I’ll get back to that later.

Because of Sin City, I had somehow associated 300 with Mr Rodriquez, so I had no problem with the apparent inconsistency and differing acting performances in this film, nor did I pay much attention to less than clever executions of pieces of script and pretty much expected only a visually stunning result.

It is really beautiful, not unlike the Gladiator momentarily here and there, but that is not a bad thing really. It’s not directed by Rodriques but some guy called Zack Snyder… Who’s he? Well I kinda liked the new version of Dawn of the Dead (shall I write a review?).

I thought leonidas is the Belgian chocolate thingy. Gerard Butler looks good as king, and mostly acts well. It’s just that some of the stuff is so funny/cheesy/tongue in cheek (IMHO). Really, I’ve not read the graphic novel, I’ll hunt it down now though.

With this one, it feels that if I say more than one word about the story, its already a spoiler, there really isn’t that much to it. But I am sure it’s better that way. Keep it simple.

So I said it’s beautiful, and it is, but here and there it still looks unfinished. I would really want to see it in IMAX, but don’t have the time.

I enjoyed this, and can understand if you do or don’t.

This one is maybe a bit superficial one, so maybe should mention that there is blood, cool fight sequances, shots that are too long and try to be emotional, good make-up stuff, some one who to me looks like he’s gay (homophobic thingy? shouldn’t homosexuality be quite common in ancient Greece… well who am I to say what/anything… please don’t tell me I’m the homophobic one… In Eric Cartman’s words: Screw you, I do what I want. And yes, I like South Park. More than Simpsons.). And some little bits of bare skin… which is pretty good achievement with a movie concentrating on war battle fields… That’s not a spoiler is is? we are talking about Spartans… Frank Miller

Richard… er… Shrek III

Shrek rules

There’s no question about it: its very, very funny. I am yet to see the second one, I did like the first too. But I think this is a bit different – the world of far far away is real never-never land. It’s out of this world. Completely. With the weirdest (greenest) looking characters being the closest to sane. John Cleese is simply amazing. He’s not there for long, but it’s just so good – so is the animation by the way.

Maybe the story isn’t that special. It’s ok and just the right type for a movie like this, but as a main meal I thought it was just ok. But the side orders, now that’s good. Shrek the Third is just filled with little diamonds that blend in nicely to the story and you’re sure to get your moneys worth. And as with any movie and especially these brilliant computer animated features, ‘It’s the experience that counts’, so watch it in the cinema.

Oh, almost forgot. it’s pretty well animated… lots of really good looking stuff there. It must be very hard to create that look of realistic yet cartoony human characters… It’s not all as good as you’d wish, but it’s ok. These things are becoming so ‘normal’ now that its becoming harder and harder to amaze (me, or anyone else for that matter).

ps. Since I seem to have made a point about Justin Timberlake with every time I get a chance, why should I let him off easily now? He’s ok… I even forgot its him while watching. The character is still similarly annoying though. So well cast I suppose.

Eddie Murphy is just funny the usual way, so nothing new there. Antonio Banderas was good as well, I quite enjoyed his bits. Mike Myers is no Austin Powers in this one, its rather serious role for him. I wasn’t too impressed with Cameron Diaz, but maybe its because Fiona’s role is not that significant in Shrek 3. She’s still always cool.

It’s not all song and dance

Went to the movies to see this one. Quite annoying with all the teenagers making noise in the back row. Turned out to be pretty nice looking movie, I like London movies anyways, I live here. It felt too much like 8 mile and childish at that though, can’t say I enjoyed too much. Felt a bit bored really. A bit like watching Eastenders. Not that I really watch Eastenders… The cast is pretty well cast for their roles, and the main guy plays his role well. And there’s a pretty girl involved as well. But there’s less flesh than in Bullet Boy, and it felt a bit softer in all other aspects as well. Though I felt Bullet Boy could have a been a little bit more mature as well about certain things. I think I should go and rent Kidulthood next…

Have I rated Kidulthood yet? hmm.. have to sort that out. Same goes for Bulletboy…

How superficial would you rate me ;). It’s the thought that counts… which reminds me, I stumbled today on a site that lists Clichés.

I think I’ll go watch Shrek 3 today. I hope I’ll like it. I did like the first. The second? I can’t remember if I’ve seen it. Probably not.

I don’t like repeating myself really, as I find it annoying when other people do it, but as good as Bulletboy and this life & lyrics is, there’s still a long way to go, but the first impression is definitely positive, keep it goint!

Life and lyrics

Being where

This one is an old one. Or maybe I’m just young. It was just on the telly and I just had to watch it. It felt almost criminal, that it was on around midnight though, whose going to watch it that late. And this one always seems to come late in the evening. Slow paced, brilliant movie… Problem is that I’ll fall asleep during the movie because it is broadcast so late. Must have been some sort of Peter Sellers day, it came straight after the movie about Peter Sellers, starring Geoffrie Rush or what’s-his-name. Which was good as well I think, but I only saw bits of that so I should just keep quiet about that. So, being there is really funny, if a little strange movie, with Peter Sellers at his best. A smile fest. Maybe not laughing out loud, but definitely smiling.Peter Sellers

The exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Conveniently around the time or shortly after the release of The exorcist, there was the case of Anneliese Michel, who appeared to be going through the Linda Blair experience. So a lot later, someone decided to make a movie out of it. Again. Apparently there’s a film called Requiem which is also based on Anneliese’s story. But the film I just watched was The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I just briefly read some bits and pieces of the true story, and it seems the film was following the actual events pretty closely (I am not really saying anything about anyone being possessed); reading about Anneliese was like reading the synopsis of The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Emily Rose

The Exorcist is a really good horror movie. It’s not exactly new, but its good. This one, on the other hand, is new, and the horror movies of the 21st century are a bit too polished for my taste. And on top of that, here we have a weird mixture of court room drama with a serious attempt of creating scary moments. The movie works for some, I’m sure – the mouse hiding in my sitting room got scared and ran across the room under the couch. To me, that was the best special effect in the movie, a bit of a shock really. Have to buy mouse traps. Humane ones.

All in all, a good enjoyable movie. Would have liked a bit more horror and less courtroom and someone less Jodie Foster – like lead actress. And to have that thingy at the beginning, “based on a true story” or similar, it’s always great. Like in Fargo… 😉

how about ocean’s 1 to 10?


Ocean is back, Roberts is out, Pacino is in. How many big stars do you need to change a light bulb? Or rob Pacino?

I really enjoyed this one. I recently watched the 11 on TV, and it’s pretty much the same story again. What makes this now more enjoyable, its like watching a your favourite series, Desperate Housewives or Sopranos, Prison Break, 24, Oz, Seinfeld, you name it, because you know the characters, the characters have depth already. So there’s more to the film than just the basic plot of stealing loads of money or whatever you think they’d be going for this time. But you must be able to guess it’s a mission impossible of some sort.

What I don’t remember really seeing is Pacino playing a role like this. Certainly not his best performance. An OK choice for this role, but I felt something was missing.

Brad: Does your wife call you a lot on the set?

Matt: Gotta love the nose!

I must mention that one of my favourite French actors makes an appearance, if just a short one, in this film. Someone said this film is sexy, adding four stars after that. Well, according to the names in the poster here, the film is worth at least 8 stars… I wouldn’t go as far as saying this is a sexy film. There’s plenty of movies you can go for if that’s your cup a tea. Then again, I suppose the ladies still like Brad and George…

Not outstanding, but very entertaining film.


Paradise Lost

When I saw the trailer for Paradise Lost, I straightaway started thinking about The Beach. The trailer wasn’t bad, and films like this usually come and go, so I didn’t really get my hopes up. seeing all those skimpy bikinis made me think that no matter what, it’s not total waste of time. Entertainment.

Location for the film is really nice. Everything looks good and surely the cinematographer has enjoyed the experience. Even more underwater filming would have been nice. The story line is simple, not that there’s anything wrong with that. There’s a bad guy, and he’s bad guy with a twist I’d say.

Acting perhaps a little mediocre, but I did like the whole cast. I don’t think I actually recognized any of them. I just realized John Stockwell directed Into the Blue. So he really likes water and bikinis. I haven’t seen Into the Blue, so I only know the bits about Jessica Alba diving…

what is it with Samuel L. Jackson and snakes…

Snakes On A Plane

When you next rent a dvd or a vhs or ‘borrow’ a film from someone, somewhere – hopefully not with the help of p2p programs, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT waste your time with this one… 😉

Snakes on a plane

I actually went to the movies to watch snakes on a plane. well that’s money well spent… NOT.
What do we have here? Samuel L. Jackson and loads of not-so-well-done 3D snakes on a plane. Acting and style is uneven throughout, and there’s not really any point going to watch this movie, even if it is free. But if you have a thing for snakes, or Samuel, then maybe you can consider it, if you really don’t have anything better to do. For me, complete waste of time. It’s so bad, I’ve decided to rate it! Rubbish.