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It’s all about films. We all know there’s something about films. There’ll be writing about good ones, new ones, cult classics, just plain (old) classics and unfortunately about films you shouldn’t see too, but even so it might be useful. Originally the blog was about all sorts of cool things, then just film reviews, and from 2017 onwards, we’re also promoting our new, free, awesome website-soon-to-be-app SoMeFilm at https://somefilm.net.

SoMeFilm.net – Films worth seeing

SoMeFilm.net - films worth watching

Somefilm.net is a new handy little app to quickly find new movies worth watching, simply based on what others with similar taste have liked! Simple – no more reading (spoiled) reviews, just a list of new movies to watch!

When you get tired of reading the reviews on this site, or have watched/skipped all the ones here, go on and head over to our new app and give it a go – it will only take a second to sign in and get started. And there’s really no instructions necessary, just tell us what you liked, what you didn’t, and which ones you’ve not yet seen, and after going through a bunch of them, a list of recommendations will pop up for you!

The more films you rate, and the more friends you get to rate movies themselves, the better and more accurate your recommendations will become – no more relying on some film magazine promoting bad hollywood blockbusters!

To keep things fresh on the somethingaboutfilms.com side, we’ll now start adding trailers to the reviews every now and then. We’ll also probably try to stay away from films not worth seeing, or at least keeping it very short.

Here’s hoping we’ll be able to pick up the pace and get steady stream of new film reviews published for your viewing. And as always, we’ll try to include a few classics, cult films and less known gems along the way.

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