Drag Me To Hell

Bruce Campbell wouldn’t be dragged to hell very easily. How about Alison Lohman? Alison Lohman is definitely better looking than Bruce Campbell, but obviously Bruce is not completely talentless either.

Drag Me To Hell - Alison Lohman

Sam Raimi is probably better known for all the Spider-Man movies, but Drag Me To Hell is is closer in style to his earlier works, the ones he really should be famous for, The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II. Both Evil Dead films, or even all three of them, are somewhat classics.

Drag Me To Hell may not become a classic as such, but it is definitely entertaining. The cast is very good, especially Alison Lohman is just perfect, Justin Long, Lorna Raver and David Paymer are very good and the rest are ok as well.

Everything is polished, funny, scary as hell. It’s like reading a comic book really.So funny.

Nothing complicated here, no surprises that should surprise anyone for real. There is a story and the script has a very solid structure. It’s just very simple. And fun. Unpredictable? No. But so what.