A Divine Comedy

While fairly mainstream approach (and his first one as such), John Waters’ Polyester is still quite a blast. I did not have the pleasure of the Odorama experience but nevertheless was well entertained. Divine is brilliant as usual. As you may or may not know, John Waters’ films aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, but this one might be one of those to start with, although no doubt the remake of Hairspray, Serial Mom or Cry Baby are even easier. They’re all comedies, they’re all feel-good movies, all a bit weird and have similar statements to support.


Divine is the heart and soul of the film, but of course with the support of the usual kind of Waters’ cast.Waters is never scared to raise any topics so you can count on some colorful events here. Set in Baltimore as usual, we get a glimpse of nice American culture here.

If you’ve heard the hit song Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches, you’ve heard a couple of bits of Polyester, probably more than once. Check out Dreamland for more info on Waters and his films.

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A Dirty pink shamed flamingo

Ever heard of John Waters? Pink Flamingos? When I start a category for weird and wonderful, Pink Flamingos is there among the first ones.

So I am a bif of a fan. I was pleasantly surprised to find the movie not that lame. Waters has grown up a lot, but there’s still something about John. And the film is set in Baltimore, making it ever more attracting place to visit. Big names are here again, doing a great job not getting embarrassed. I read a review saying something like “if you liked Pink Flamingos, you are likely to find A Dirty Shame lacking”, which I may have to agree with, but I did like both and I am not complaining. I did find Polyester a little bit too mainstream (the first one, haven’t seen the one with John Travolta yet). But I liked Cry Baby as well. John’s touch is something quite unique, child at heart or something. Serial Mom was somewhere there as well. I will review Desperate Living as soon as I get a chance.

A Dirty Shame is all about sex addiction, that much I can say without spoiling it for you. And it is just very very funny comedy. And kind hearted. And a bit naughty. And surely not worth being censored or rated 18 or NC-17. Surely not?


Being where

This one is an old one. Or maybe I’m just young. It was just on the telly and I just had to watch it. It felt almost criminal, that it was on around midnight though, whose going to watch it that late. And this one always seems to come late in the evening. Slow paced, brilliant movie… Problem is that I’ll fall asleep during the movie because it is broadcast so late. Must have been some sort of Peter Sellers day, it came straight after the movie about Peter Sellers, starring Geoffrie Rush or what’s-his-name. Which was good as well I think, but I only saw bits of that so I should just keep quiet about that. So, being there is really funny, if a little strange movie, with Peter Sellers at his best. A smile fest. Maybe not laughing out loud, but definitely smiling.Peter Sellers