through the valley of the shadow of death

Well.. mr. Anderson. Now you’ve done it again. And mr. Day-Lewis. What can I say, you are too good in being awful. And by the way, If they ever need someone to replace dr. Henry Jones(Indys father) , I’d say the place is yours. At least in some scenes Daniel sounds just like Sean and even from some angles looks a bit like the man.

So this is quite a long one, 2:40 with credits. But worth all those minutes. But then again so are all Paul’s movies. One really can’t say that if you liked his other films like Magnolia, you’d like this. These have almost nothing in common. It’s not nice, in any ways. but I really didn’t expect it to be. In fact it is really dirty and shows the dark sides of a man in such way that it chills you to the bone. Well the images are beautiful, and the landscapes accompanies the story with fine underline.

The pace is slowish, but not so that you’d get bored. The guy from Radiohead, not the Yorke one, but one by the name of Jonny Greenwood has made haunting and interesting music. And another thing I liked was that there are many long scenes without any kind of dialogue. I read a review of this earlier (gave it 4/5 stars) and it said that when the end credits start you’d like to shout: ”What the f*ck!!” And I agree, but then it gets to you, and the more you think of it the more you want to see it again. So what am I thinking? I’m thinking Stanley Kubrick, I’m thinking of Martin Scorsese in a bad hangover. And I’m smiling.