Natalie Portman week: Black Swan Lake

Well, Natalie is back. And with another star of “That ’70s Show”, this time Mila Kunis. So anyone who’s read my previous post, scratch that, Ashton Kutcher is not the only one from that show to get on big screen, although Mila Kunis maybe isn’t quite there yet, but definitely on her way.

This movie nothing like Rosemary’s Baby, yet I get a similar feeling watching it. And quite approriately so, goosebumps throughout the film (there’s no such thing as swanbumps is there?), that’s how good it is. And Natalie Portman is great. A lot of people would say perfect, for reasons I’m not getting into right now. But I don’t think she was perfect, just really great. To be perfect she’d have to have danced ballet since she was born and somehow led a double life out of body experience to get all the acting experience as well as I don’t think you can perfect both, there’s not enough time and talent in the world for that. But to be fair, she’s brilliant, amazing and dedicated to a degree most people would find impossible. So dancing aside, she’s deserving all the statues and prizes and the rest, and it’s oscars today so there we go, not sure she needs any luck with that one.

As far as films go, Black Swan is definitely something you should consider seeing. It’s probably not competing for the best film of the year with some other strong contestants out there, but Darren Aronofsky‘s latest is definitely one of the best of the decade, although the decade is surely very young still. Well shot, really cool special effects (maybe surprisingly), and amazingly intense acting from all parties, not forgetting that Natalie Portman alone is the one true star of Black Swan. I’m not sure about the cinematography at times, especially the graininess of it, but I’m not really complaining. Just saying that it’s not quite there with the likes of True Grit, but then again some might say Roger Deakings isn’t easy to beat.

Vincent Cassel is great as usual, his accent maybe suitable as well, although does annoy me a little bit. I know there’s been some criticism regarding his role and the realism of the whole dancing and coaching and all, but after all, it’s only a movie. Barbara Hershey is also amazingly good, Mila Kunis is ok, as well as Winona Ryder, and the rest of the dancer’s just deal with dancing really, as they should.

Black Swan is beautiful, the dancing and the music mesmerising, the story is gripping and everyone should see this film.

And after you’ve seen Black Swan, and definitely not before, check out these two links about visual effects in Black Swan. and I know it’s no Inception or Avatar 3D, or Black Swan 3D, but still.

The comeback

The Wrestler Mickey Rourke

This film was little bit hard to watch through. Darren Aronofsky is brilliant. I’m sure most people that’ve seen any of his films would agree. But Mickey Rourke is brilliant too. At least in this film. And of course a lot of his earlier films, but especially in this one. Of course not everyone is going to like this film, but this is one heartbreaking film to watch. Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei pull off really great roles a bit less known Evan Rachel Wood does very well too. But Mickey is definitely the star of The Wrestler. And all the other Wrestlers would agree.

For those who’ve just seen the poster and hate Smack Down, just so you know, it’s not really about wrestling and you don’t have to watch through two hours of wrestling here. There’s enough of it though. But a wrestler here and a wrestler there, I think it was ok. And I’m pretty sure you’d like to at least see Marisa Tomei in her role, especially if you don’t like men in tights.

Everything in the film adds to the mood. The locations are grim. Rourke himself is looking just right for the role, probably for the exactly right reasons too and surely nobody else in the whole wide word could have acted this role. I’m not sure Mickey himself likes the way he looks, but it’s just perfect for this role. Being shot on 16mm film just further adds to the mood of the film and whole documentary like style of it. In fact a lot of the time it feels like watching a documentary. And I guess it could almost be a fictious documentary of Mickey Rourke’s life, but who knows. Not exactly a feel good movie by the way, but The Wrestler, absolutely one of the top films of 2009. But if you’ve seen any other films by Darren Aronofsky, like Requiem for a Dream, maybe you might know already.