AdULTHOOD. or adult – hoodie


You can say whatever you want about the film. And I am pretty sure that people outside UK will have a bit different opinions about the film in any case. But I think everyone should agree that Noel Clarke has some serious talent. The young talented actor-writer-director has been busy and created this entertaining (somewhat hard to follow) sequel to his earlier feature film Kidulthood. Without stating anything you might not have realised, I can say that kids have grown up, but otherwise nothing much has changed. The film has hardly anything to do with adult lifestyle that the kids in Kidulthood didn’t already participate in. You really shouldn’t watch this if you haven’t seen Kidulthood (and it may be worth refreshing your memory).

I can’t say much about the dialogue, but I guess it’s quite good. But I’m not English and had to concentrate a bit to hear what anyone’s saying. Scarlett Alice Johnson is quite good, Noel Clarke himself is ok, though he doesn’t have too many faces really. But I guess directing yourself is not the easiest task. Adam Deacon is brilliant and cast perfectly. He’s not exactly the kind of character you sympathise with… And watch out for Danny Dyer. So is this how life in London is??

Not the most amazing film and fairly simple story line, but lots of interesting characters that tie the whole thing together. I wonder what’s after Adulthood? Midlifehood? Oldagehood? Parenthood? Seniorhood? Or maybe Noel could move to NY or LA and that would be a bit of a twist?

Changeling Jolie

Clint Eastwood must be among the most reliable figures in the film making business.


And John Malkovich rarely appears in an uninteresting film. Angelina Jolie might not be quite as lucky with her choices of roles, but she has proved before that she can act as well and not just look pretty on screen. Changeling may be a true story, but makes an interesting film as well. Angelina Jolie delivers an excellent performance as the mother, John Malkovich is strange as ever, and there are a few other interesting characters involved as well. Everything looks polished and perfect, the sets, locations, acting and story line are all quite good. Apart from a few moments, the film relies on Angelina carrying the whole weight of the film and that she does. And she and the film did also get some Academy Awards Nominations as well. Maybe you can tell from the tone of this writing what I’m trying to say. However, what makes the film perhaps really worth watching is Jason Butler Harner‘s contribution. It even makes me want to investigate further the real story behind the film. Not bad, for Clint Eastwood. I do like his acting as well though. Maybe I should watch Gran Torino.

Simply blood, simply Coen

Blood Simple

I’ve waited a long time to watch this. I became a Coen brothers fan much later on than I should have, and it was quite refreshing to see their directorial debut finally. Frances McDormand is as good as she always has been.  Not quite as radiant as in Fargo, but nevertheless, she is really good. The real star of the film is M. Emmet Walsh who plays an amazing part in the dark thriller.  At times it’s like watching a horror film like Halloween. There’s something similar in the mood. And occasionally the suspense is just killing you. I wasn’t too keen on John Getz or Dan Hedaya – their roles were well acted, but I suppose the characters were so out there that it made me feel rather odd. But then the whole unlikeability factor seems to be a common trend in this film so maybe that’s a good thing.

Blood simple. It’s not very complicated. And there’s blood too.