the imaginarium of terry gilliam and heath ledger

Lily Cole

Only Terry Gilliam could come of with such a film. Only Terry Gilliam could come up with such visuals. Only Terry could have such a luck with actors – whether you think it’s good or bad luck. I don’t want to bring up any bad memories to anyone and we all miss Heath and we all think he was absolutely brilliant. But somehow The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus also works with the help of his friends, Jude Law, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell.

Something about this film is really absurd, maybe it’s the way it looks, or maybe it is the way the characters behave and look, maybe it’s the whole setting and story of the film. But there’s some unforgettable things about it. Heath, and his friends are great, and so is Lily Cole who is absolutely Breathtaking as Valentina, Dr Parnassus’ daughter. See for yourself, Judge for yourself. I’m not going to bet you’ll like it, but I’m not a betting man like Dr Parnassus. Watch out for the magnificent portrayal of an immortal character by Tom Waits.

The joke’s on the Bat

I Shouldn’t even start writing anything. I won’t have anything new to say nor will I have anything really valuable to say. But I suppose I can add to the vast group of people who have this (or that) opinion of the latest batventure.


It’s quite depressing how even the poster art was such a part of marketing, that I didn’t see the point of looking for an especially wicked poster for this post… But at least you can see the main star on this one.

Yes, here’s another batfan who thinks the joker stole the show. That goes with the territory I guess, that’s what jokers do. And he’s so funny too, I could almost cry. I watched this in the Imax and it was worth it. Sound super, picture super. Heath super. The bat-dude was a bit stiff I’d say. And I’m sure I’m not alone when I ask what’s with the voice?! The bat suit is a bit too tight or what? Need I say more? I know maybe I’m saying more than I usually say about a film, but surely you’ve seen this already? And why are you reading this then? If you haven’t seen it, again I ask, why are you reading this? I want to see the next Batman. Or maybe they should start doing a series of Joker… Oh wait, Heath is dead… Long live batman…. Now I really feel bad.