flight of the academy award nominee Denzel Washington

John Goodman in Flight

He was never going to get it for this. And I don’t mean John Goodman of course. Denzel Washington is almost always a safe bet when it comes to entertainment, although I wish I didn’t see The Book of Eli which for some inexplicable reason has 6.8 rating on imbd. Sure enough, Denzel is ok in Flight and it’s entertaining enough a movie. Most would probably say it’s very American. To me it also appeared like he was going for an Oscar style performance in Flight.

I didn’t have high expectations, and I was expecting some over the top emotional acting, so I got just what I was looking for I suppose. John Goodman was a change of pace in the movie whenever he showed up, and one of the few funny moments, even if it was over the top too, and did not fit well in the rest of the movie. For some, Nadine Velazquez is probably the only thing they’ll remember from the movie.

Funny (or possibly not funny at all), the film is based on true story with somewhat different outcome. For me, definitely the the first quarter or third of the film was the best bit, as shallow as it might seem. But all of it was pretty unsurprising and the latter part of the movie didn’t really offer any major insights into the matters the movie was dealing with.

Then again there’s only a handful of directors that come up with this type of major American drama; if it’s not Spielberg, is has to be .