Dark shadows


Tim Burton seemed to have lost his edge a long time ago. And he also seems to always want the same two actors in his movies, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. Both quite understandably, but a bit of variety never hurt anyone.
Now, I personally have never seen any of the original Dark Shadows, so I’m probably not going to point out anything very relevant to Dark Shadows.
I found Dark Shadows much weirder and off beat than I expected. It was probably much better than I thought it would be. In a way I thought of it
like another version of Edward Scissorhands. But let’s not compare with Edward Scissorhands, that one is a true classic film.
Johnny Depp is good, apart from his hairstyle, but maybe that’s to do with the original show, who knows. The rest of the cast were good too, but too many of them  were somewhat wasted, too many of them, and so little time for character development or even screen time.
And then there’s Alice Cooper…


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