Hurt Locker

Now here’s a film I somehow knew was going to be good. And I watched it without knowing who’s in it, who’s directed it or anything. And then of course at the end it says Kathryn Bigelow. Nice. And the next review will be the ex-husband James Cameron‘s Avatar. So that’s how it is, a small family business over there in Hollywood. Well maybe these two aren’t exactly the Hollywood film maker type. Kathryn is not the kind of person to get stuck to one type of film, there’s Point Break and Strange Days (and about a dozen other films) and then there’s Hurt Locker. Well there’s two film makers with their films both having loads of Oscar nominations as well, but who will get the most Oscars? Oscar here, Oscar there, who cares. A precious little prize it is…

Imdb had some funny information saying the film was to star Colin Farrell, Willem Dafoe and Charlize Theron. While they’re all great, I’m glad it didn’t because the cast is just great. It works perfectly and I don’t remember any of them from any previous films either. Most of the actors appear to have a strong TV background, there’s even Evangeline Lilly from Lost.

Great script, amazing acting and powerful emotions at work here. Not quite as simple as a jack-in-a-box.

Hurt Locker
Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie keep the story together and the rest while ok, are just helping to move the story forwards. But Jeremy Renner is the star of this one. Anthony Mackie is one busy actor as well, but if you don’t know him too much, check out The Manchurian Candidate (Jonathan Demme’s and Denzel Washington’s version) and Million Dollar Baby. After Hurt Locker he was also in Eagle Eye and Notorious (playing Tupac Shakur). Jeremy Renner did one episode of House M.D. and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and 28 Weeks Later, and he also played Jeffrey Dahmer in Dahmer – I haven’t seen that and it might be unwatchable as most films about real serial killers are.

Enough facts and background, it’s pretty pointless anyway. As usual, not much to say about the story, I’m afraid the picture already says too much. Beautifully shot and directed, though I hear they wasted enough film on this one. Documentary style, they say. Locations look authentic, but then again, it’s actually right next door to Iraq. Best war film of the decade. Now then, go and watch Hurt Locker.

And bear in mind either Hurt Locker or Avatar will get loads of Oscars…

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