Pixar goes Up

Ellie and Carl in Up

I’ve seen a few 3D movies in Cinemas since they started coming out. What I’ve unfortunately noticed that while concentrating on making the films look good in 3D, the film makers seem to have forgotten the story lines completely. In my opinion, that is. If you agree, then you’ll agree that is very sad. The beginning of Up is also very sad, but purely in a good way. When I first heard about Up, it was being shown in Cannes film festival, and what they said about it was that nevermind Quentin’s Basterds, Up had the whole audience in tears in the first five minutes. And I have to say the beginning of Up is amazing.

The whole film is good, even if the beginning has a particular style of a section that appealed to me more than the rest, and it’s absolutely amazing looking film with such a good feel to it that you shouldn’t miss it for the world. Of course 3D is great. But this one is great with or without 3D. So don’t worry, be happy. And watch it. Pixar and Disney know how it’s done.

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