Dead calm? No?

Open Water 2

Either it’s Open Water 2 or Adrift or Open Water 2: Adrift. Who cares, we’re in water. Good looking girls, cool boat – sorry, yacht – sea and sunny weather. Who could ask for more. Despite this being more of a German film and shot in Malta, there’s something Dead Calm Australian about this. Or maybe not.

I quite liked this one. I felt the characters were very good and acted well. And the half naked girls on screen aspect’s been left alone as well which is nice for a change. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a bit of skin here. well shot, edited and acted. There’s a thing or two that seem to catch most viewer’s eyes though, and I did think of a thing or two about an hour before the film’s characters figured it out and lots of other viewers seem to feel quite frustrated these issues. There’s a lot of speculation about certain elements in this film that might have turned it into a very uninteresting short film. But then it’s one of those things, you never know. Or the characters are simply very dumb. But hey, it’s not real! Although allegedly based on a true story where nobody survived…

A simple but gripping film that might drive you insane if you’re that type of person.

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