The return of superfly

That title, I just can’t see it… American Ganster just sounds so much better, don’t you agree? If you don’t, don’t bother telling me.

American Ganster

Denzel Washington is another actor you can usually trust. Even his poorer films are somehow watchable, at least on the big screen if not on DVD, and usually if anyone needs to be blamed, its not him. I think this is his best since Training Day, and might be one of the best I saw in 2007.

Of course its always nice to see these ‘true stories’ on the big screen – or at least I think so. Somehow reminds me of Godfather II. Ridley Scott is also one of the trustworthiest directors around, so I did not have to think twice whether to watch this one or not.

Russell Crowe was good too, but perhaps one of the weaker parts of the film. I’ve heard someone not liking this one, and someone comparing it with The Departed, but I don’t really care, it is a good one. During the film I kept thinking how this film could end, and when it ended, to me it seemed the film ended the only way a film could end – I wonder if that’s how it really went… It’s a bit of a movie ending, American way, entertaining, I have another word for it, but it’s too close to a spoiler… if I didn’t already spoil if for you. I can live with it.

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