the legend of W. Smith

I am Legend

The three trailers before this film were all horror flicks, and my wife, already worried about what was to come, asked me if this one is a horror film. I didn’t know, that’s just the way I like it, not knowing too much, if anything about the film I’m about to see.

As it turned out, there were definitely some scary bits in this one.

It’s a solid, better-than-your-average Will Smith acting experience. He’s fit, and it has to be shown, even if it is only for the portfolio of his personal trainer. So anyone who likes Mr Smith, should definitely see this one. Willow Smith is good too.

Other than that, there’s action, scary moments, a couple of (slightly strange) animal encounters, Will Smith acting including emotional and ‘losing it’ moments. The parts with other characters feel a little bit loose and out of place – not enough time is spent building these characters, as if they are not important enough to tell the story and they exist only to keep the story alive and for breaks between the main action bits. I would have liked to condense some other parts of the film, even if that meant less scary action or less Smith solo acting, to give the other characters more depth.

It’s good though, OK 3d, Will Smith is cool enough, and he has a nice dog. Reminds me a lot about 28 days later, lots of similarities here and there. And was nice to see how NY looks empty after seeing how London looks empty. I’m not sure which zombies I prefer. I don’t think they call them zombies in either of the films. But hey, call them what you want, you still have to blow their heads off to stop them walking. Although these ones are more or less running… I’m tempted to put a small spoiler right here, but I’d better just stop right here.

Hairless gremlins… It’s definitely a Christmas movie.

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