Sometimes even the wisest of man or machine can make an error.

I had a transformers toy about 20 years ago. I knew nothing about transformers, had never seen any comics or tv series or anything. Today I saw the film, still without any background information other than that there are these robots that transform into cars, or cars that transform into robots…

I have never really had high hopes with a Michael Bay film, but I do always expect decent action and some funny moments from him, and I was not disappointed. As a comedy it’s not that clever perhaps, but it has its fair share of one-liners and plenty of good looking action. Perhaps aimed at slightly younger audience, but I didn’t mind watching this.

From the plot you kinda get the feeling there’s a bit more story behind all the transformers’ characters, but then Mr Bay only had about 2 hours to tell us the story so I’m not complaining. Shia LaBeouf is a little bit irritating, but does a pretty good job. Megan Fox is a fox indeed.

This film makes me not want to see another movie with teenagers in it. But I would finally want to become more familiar with autobots… Maybe get my hands on the TV series or some of the other transformers films. Entertaining film, that made me smile.Transformers

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