God save the Ozone layer

Have I mentioned I am a John Waters Fan? Well, A short while ago I saw this film, Hairspray. And it was just such a good film, it made me smile throughout, so much so, that my cheeks hurt like I’d been on acid for a week. probably lot less than John Waters in his life time.

This was of course the new version of Hairspray, so a lot less to do with John in all aspects. I have to re-watch the old version shortly though. The cast is brilliant, the music is perfect for a musical like this. Dancing is good, everything makes you feel happy and entertained and the film even has a message. John’s cameo was pretty funny too.

Colorful, cheerful and full of funny moments. Just what I needed that day. And John Travolta is not exactly Divine, but does the job.hairspray

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