I was going through some images from 300 and came across a Manowar poster… There are similarities surely.

I am a Frank Miller fan. I have missed a fair bit of comics, cartoons and so on, but whenever I come across his name in graphic novels, I become interested. Sin City is brilliant, simply brilliant. Was not too impressed with the movie, I’ll get back to that later.

Because of Sin City, I had somehow associated 300 with Mr Rodriquez, so I had no problem with the apparent inconsistency and differing acting performances in this film, nor did I pay much attention to less than clever executions of pieces of script and pretty much expected only a visually stunning result.

It is really beautiful, not unlike the Gladiator momentarily here and there, but that is not a bad thing really. It’s not directed by Rodriques but some guy called Zack Snyder… Who’s he? Well I kinda liked the new version of Dawn of the Dead (shall I write a review?).

I thought leonidas is the Belgian chocolate thingy. Gerard Butler looks good as king, and mostly acts well. It’s just that some of the stuff is so funny/cheesy/tongue in cheek (IMHO). Really, I’ve not read the graphic novel, I’ll hunt it down now though.

With this one, it feels that if I say more than one word about the story, its already a spoiler, there really isn’t that much to it. But I am sure it’s better that way. Keep it simple.

So I said it’s beautiful, and it is, but here and there it still looks unfinished. I would really want to see it in IMAX, but don’t have the time.

I enjoyed this, and can understand if you do or don’t.

This one is maybe a bit superficial one, so maybe should mention that there is blood, cool fight sequances, shots that are too long and try to be emotional, good make-up stuff, some one who to me looks like he’s gay (homophobic thingy? shouldn’t homosexuality be quite common in ancient Greece… well who am I to say what/anything… please don’t tell me I’m the homophobic one… In Eric Cartman’s words: Screw you, I do what I want. And yes, I like South Park. More than Simpsons.). And some little bits of bare skin… which is pretty good achievement with a movie concentrating on war battle fields… That’s not a spoiler is is? we are talking about Spartans… Frank Miller

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