Richard… er… Shrek III

Shrek rules

There’s no question about it: its very, very funny. I am yet to see the second one, I did like the first too. But I think this is a bit different – the world of far far away is real never-never land. It’s out of this world. Completely. With the weirdest (greenest) looking characters being the closest to sane. John Cleese is simply amazing. He’s not there for long, but it’s just so good – so is the animation by the way.

Maybe the story isn’t that special. It’s ok and just the right type for a movie like this, but as a main meal I thought it was just ok. But the side orders, now that’s good. Shrek the Third is just filled with little diamonds that blend in nicely to the story and you’re sure to get your moneys worth. And as with any movie and especially these brilliant computer animated features, ‘It’s the experience that counts’, so watch it in the cinema.

Oh, almost forgot. it’s pretty well animated… lots of really good looking stuff there. It must be very hard to create that look of realistic yet cartoony human characters… It’s not all as good as you’d wish, but it’s ok. These things are becoming so ‘normal’ now that its becoming harder and harder to amaze (me, or anyone else for that matter).

ps. Since I seem to have made a point about Justin Timberlake with every time I get a chance, why should I let him off easily now? He’s ok… I even forgot its him while watching. The character is still similarly annoying though. So well cast I suppose.

Eddie Murphy is just funny the usual way, so nothing new there. Antonio Banderas was good as well, I quite enjoyed his bits. Mike Myers is no Austin Powers in this one, its rather serious role for him. I wasn’t too impressed with Cameron Diaz, but maybe its because Fiona’s role is not that significant in Shrek 3. She’s still always cool.

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