It’s not all song and dance

Went to the movies to see this one. Quite annoying with all the teenagers making noise in the back row. Turned out to be pretty nice looking movie, I like London movies anyways, I live here. It felt too much like 8 mile and childish at that though, can’t say I enjoyed too much. Felt a bit bored really. A bit like watching Eastenders. Not that I really watch Eastenders… The cast is pretty well cast for their roles, and the main guy plays his role well. And there’s a pretty girl involved as well. But there’s less flesh than in Bullet Boy, and it felt a bit softer in all other aspects as well. Though I felt Bullet Boy could have a been a little bit more mature as well about certain things. I think I should go and rent Kidulthood next…

Have I rated Kidulthood yet? hmm.. have to sort that out. Same goes for Bulletboy…

How superficial would you rate me ;). It’s the thought that counts… which reminds me, I stumbled today on a site that lists Clichés.

I think I’ll go watch Shrek 3 today. I hope I’ll like it. I did like the first. The second? I can’t remember if I’ve seen it. Probably not.

I don’t like repeating myself really, as I find it annoying when other people do it, but as good as Bulletboy and this life & lyrics is, there’s still a long way to go, but the first impression is definitely positive, keep it goint!

Life and lyrics

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