Classic Wes Craven

Last House on the Left

I googled ‘classic wes craven’, and last house on the left came seventh or so. Maybe unsurprisingly, first on the list was The Hills Have Eyes, which I may or may not review at some point… The 1970s version that is. The original Nightmare on Elmstreet might also be considered a classic in my opinion, and I may include a review of that one as well sooner rather than later.

Back to this notorious last house on the left, it certainly was an interesting piece of film history. At the time, shocking, perhaps still shocking – if a remake was done today, could it possibly capture the feel of the original? I doubt it. Everything seems to be very polished nowadays.

Enjoyable? Perhaps. Interesting? Yes. Original – well, shocking in itself is not original, and a lot of films have tried to be shocking and notorious, and often using similar means. See for yourself – it’s only a movie…

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