What’s with you Mr Raimi?

I tend to think my work mates have an idea what a good movie is. So I was somewhat surprised to hear one recommend the latest spidey flick. I thought, well, she’s a bit young. A friend’s friend at Double Negative was less impressed, but then again he’d look at it from a different point of view – I wasn’t too worried about the sfx stuff.

So I gave it a chance. I’m telling you, watching the end was like re-run of the end of the Return of the King… I felt like leaving the theatre, but I never do so I stayed.

I honestly think my 12-year-old niece could come up with a better story. But having said that, my wife said it wasn’t that bad… And really, I am not a spiderman fan, I don’t know the whole background stuff happening, what’s with the supervillains and all – Surely a film should work without all that.

Nice action here and there, a bit of story on the side, but nothing to write home about.

spiderman 3

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