2 days later

Danny Boyle must be very busy nowadays. Someone else had to do this.


I just can’t find any photos of Imogen Poots… A real shame. A memorable performance in its simplicity.

You don’t see a start like this movie very often. the setup, what is it sometimes called, ‘inciting incident’ or something. Very careful build up. Made me wonder at first, then I received the reward. Nice. Well, it is a sequal, so maybe that makes it different to start with.

When 28 days later arrived came, I was quite impressed, not just about the film, but how they managed to empty roads in London. And they’ve done it again. There are some scary moments there, it was not waste of time to watch this. There were times I wished they’d ditch either Carlyle or the theme music, or both.

This is my second review on this site, so just in case its not clear: I try not to talk about the story line too much… I find it irrelevant to the review bit. don’t you agree?

I think it was Ben Jones on virginradio who said it’s pretty gory for a 21st century flick. I think he does the virgin drivetime, some time afternoon. I’m guessing he also did the film advert for radio there. There sure is a fair bit of blood here. And some good acting. Apart from a couple guys who seemed to have escaped from Doom III. The wheelchair guy from Oz was there as well, still not really walking that much.

Didn’t care for the story so much, but I can’t complain, I suppose you can’t expect too much for a film like this – it just didn’t hold together very well. Some really nice shots here though. And the ending of the film did make me smile.

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