Post Apocalyptic Season: On the road again

John Hillcoat may not have directed a lot of films, but The Road is definitely one to remember him by. Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Charlize Theron star in this stunning interpretation of Cormac McCarthy‘s book. Robert Duvall also has a small role, I should mention that since he is somewhat known actor.

Now this film is not a film set in post apocalyptic hell, telling a story about something else that could be set in any other place, like usually is the case. This film is set in this type of hell for a reason. Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee are the stars here and they do a great job with their performances. They are both amazing and the story is heartwarming and heartbreaking and powerful, although pretty slow paced and again there’s not that much happening really, it’s more about what’s going on in the characters’ heads.

There’s the usual post apocalyptic stuff too, but it all holds together quite well. Somehow the good characters of Post Apocalyptic films are always on they way somewhere whereas the baddies are happy where they are.

There’s been some discussion about the ending and comparing it to the novel, but I haven’t read the book and would like to think that the film makers have a right to add their own interpretations and offer their own options to the viewers as well, regardless if it’s something or other explicitly or implicitly in the original novel.