The Neighborhood watch

Lakeview Terrace

Does anyone else think Samuel L. Jackson hasn’t had too many good roles lately? Snakes on a Plane, anyone? Let’s not talk about Spirit… Ok, has anyone been wanting to see Samuel L. Jackson as… a police? I guess you didn’t think I’d be asking that about his role? Stop there.

While the film wasn’t really the best of the best, there’s a couple of Samuel L. Jackson trademark moments. And it is definitely one of the better ones he’s done recently. Kerry Washington is pretty, and does a very nice role too. I don’t care too much about Patrick Wilson – he was better in Hard Candy – but he’s ok I suppose.

So, there’s an attempt of getting beneath the surface in Lakeview terrace and it certainly has something to say, but remains fairly shallow. I enjoyed it though. Not too clever, but fairly entertaining. I wish I lived somewhere warm, and had a pool. A cop next door? Maybe not.