Changeling Jolie

Clint Eastwood must be among the most reliable figures in the film making business.


And John Malkovich rarely appears in an uninteresting film. Angelina Jolie might not be quite as lucky with her choices of roles, but she has proved before that she can act as well and not just look pretty on screen. Changeling may be a true story, but makes an interesting film as well. Angelina Jolie delivers an excellent performance as the mother, John Malkovich is strange as ever, and there are a few other interesting characters involved as well. Everything looks polished and perfect, the sets, locations, acting and story line are all quite good. Apart from a few moments, the film relies on Angelina carrying the whole weight of the film and that she does. And she and the film did also get some Academy Awards Nominations as well. Maybe you can tell from the tone of this writing what I’m trying to say. However, what makes the film perhaps really worth watching is Jason Butler Harner‘s contribution. It even makes me want to investigate further the real story behind the film. Not bad, for Clint Eastwood. I do like his acting as well though. Maybe I should watch Gran Torino.