Simply blood, simply Coen

Blood Simple

I’ve waited a long time to watch this. I became a Coen brothers fan much later on than I should have, and it was quite refreshing to see their directorial debut finally. Frances McDormand is as good as she always has been.  Not quite as radiant as in Fargo, but nevertheless, she is really good. The real star of the film is M. Emmet Walsh who plays an amazing part in the dark thriller.  At times it’s like watching a horror film like Halloween. There’s something similar in the mood. And occasionally the suspense is just killing you. I wasn’t too keen on John Getz or Dan Hedaya – their roles were well acted, but I suppose the characters were so out there that it made me feel rather odd. But then the whole unlikeability factor seems to be a common trend in this film so maybe that’s a good thing.

Blood simple. It’s not very complicated. And there’s blood too.