how about ocean’s 1 to 10?


Ocean is back, Roberts is out, Pacino is in. How many big stars do you need to change a light bulb? Or rob Pacino?

I really enjoyed this one. I recently watched the 11 on TV, and it’s pretty much the same story again. What makes this now more enjoyable, its like watching a your favourite series, Desperate Housewives or Sopranos, Prison Break, 24, Oz, Seinfeld, you name it, because you know the characters, the characters have depth already. So there’s more to the film than just the basic plot of stealing loads of money or whatever you think they’d be going for this time. But you must be able to guess it’s a mission impossible of some sort.

What I don’t remember really seeing is Pacino playing a role like this. Certainly not his best performance. An OK choice for this role, but I felt something was missing.

Brad: Does your wife call you a lot on the set?

Matt: Gotta love the nose!

I must mention that one of my favourite French actors makes an appearance, if just a short one, in this film. Someone said this film is sexy, adding four stars after that. Well, according to the names in the poster here, the film is worth at least 8 stars… I wouldn’t go as far as saying this is a sexy film. There’s plenty of movies you can go for if that’s your cup a tea. Then again, I suppose the ladies still like Brad and George…

Not outstanding, but very entertaining film.

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